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Homeless Black Trans women fund organized by Jesse Pratt López

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Building safe homes/communities for Homeless Trans Women of Color; while providing housing and 24 / 7 emergency financial assistance to those Trans folks in urgent need. 

Ending exploitation of Black Trans Women

The two Trans Women in the pic above have been exploited by Jesse Lopez and others - their pic has been used to raise millions of dollars without them benefiting from it directly. This is an exploitation of Black Trans Women's Essence which leads to creating more injustice being served on us Trans Women of Color. 

- and even though the girls are from Atlanta - they are homeless and they are the ones who should own HOMELESS BLACK TRANS WOMEN FUND and benefit from their essence being used to raise millions of dollars.

How we ended their exploitation ........

To correct the injustice serve on these women with help from our 16 initial donors we register all the HOMELESS BLACK TRANS WOMEN FUND to our cause and its donor and will transfer ownership to the two Trans Women in the pic

above when they are found. 

This website is is owned by you our donors and managed by us - all donations will serve the cause of the HOMELESS BLACK TRANS WOMEN FUND which is to help Homeless Black Trans women

in need with housing and financial assistance. > Posts.

The reason why ending the exploitation of Black Trans Women

The reason why it's important to us and our donors that Black Trans Women aren't exploited is because without #blackwealth Black Trans Women find it more difficult to gain independence and empower the world to see us with dignity. 

 Help us #endtranshate and the continued exploitation of Black Trans Women from being exploited by people who aren't black or have any attachment to

Black Lives Matter.

 If as Black Trans Women we allow our essence to be used without any direct benefit then Black Wealth will never grow and we won't be able to empower future generations to avoid exploitation and injustice that we as

Trans Women of color now facing every day.  

*** Because of what we are doing and the fact that we have given the HOMELESS BLACK TRANS WOMEN FUND to the Black Trans Women in the pic. Our fundraisers are being stalked, harass, threaten via Facebook, Instagram and Go Fund Me by the perpetrators of the exploitation above. 

However, as a team and with the support of our donors, we are determined to make the HOMELESS BLACK TRANS WOMEN FUND the largest Trans Organization in the world helping Black Trans women escape exploitation, discrimination, injustice. As our team is much more motivated; because we too are experiencing the demoralizing feeling of #transhate - which many of our donors can identify with. ''

#endexploitationoftranswomen #endtranshate

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