Written by Pam Larma

The truth is that no white individual(s) should be using their organization to profit off the sufferings, injustice and hate bestowed upon Black people; simple because they aren't Black.

By saying this doesn't make me or anyone racist; because, all profits made from the color of our skin should always go back to us Black people directly from now on until all reparations is paid back in full to every Black person.

Non- blacks doesn't have the right nor the priviledge to continue earning profits from our Blackness.

Until the system of segregation, hate , injustice being used to oppressed and persecute Black people is dismantled in entirety; then and only then can we all be together as one human race.

Black wealth is freedom; and freedom for all black people can be attain in entirety; if we Black people have access to black wealth to help create theirour own and ours Black justice.

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