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Trans woman born without limbs and abandoned as a baby now inspires millions with makeup tutorials


Gabe was put up for adoption at nine months old

Gabe Adams-Wheatley is a social media influencer who really deserves her social media stardom.

Age 22, Gabe has overcome more obstacles and challenges than most people could ever imagine, let alone face.

Born in Brazil with a severe form of Hanhart Syndrome, a rare condition that caused her to be born without legs or arms, she was put up for adoption at 9 months old.

Gabe, who recently came out as trans, was adopted by a family in Utah, and told PopSugar: “When they were adopting me, my mom was pregnant with her 11th child; she now has 13 of her own biological children, and I am her only adopted child.

Gabe now has over 180,000 followers on Instagram and 4m followers on TikTok where she shares makeup tutorials, beauty challenges, and ‘Get Ready With Me’ videos, along with offering her followers glimpses of her day-to-day life without limbs.


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