Where To Donate To Help Black Trans Women To Survive & Thrive

Each year, for the last five years, the number of transgender or gender non-conforming people in the U.S. who were murdered has increased, according to findings by the Human Rights Campaign. In 2019, the vast majority of those killed were Black trans women. As these women continue be barred from housing and job opportunities, many wind up homeless and resort to survival sex work to obtain food, shelter, and other basic necessities.

As we continue the fight against racial discrimination and violence, especially during Pride Month, we must keep this persistently underserved group in full view. In addition to educating yourself and your communities to understand their systemic oppression, donating to Homeless Black Trans Women Fund is also a veritable step in helping them to survive and thrive.

#endtransexploitation  and help provide safe homes for Black Trans Women - This cause  dedicated to giving Black Trans women hope , wealth, protection from exploitationand helping them to achieve their dreams. 

The official and real home of the Homeless Black Trans Women Fund www.homelessblacktranswomenfund.com

 The two Trans Women it the pic above has been exploited by Jesse Lopez and others - their pic has been used to raise millions of dollars without them benefiting from it directly. This is an exploitation of Black Trans Women's Essence which leads to creating more injustice being served on us Trans Women of Color. 

​How me and my team ended their exploitation  ..

To correct the injustice serve on these  Trans Women and with the help of the 16 initial donors we register all the domain names of HOMELESS BLACK TRANS WOMEN FUND  and ownership of the domain names  will be transfer  to the two Trans Women in the pic  above when they are found. 

The website www.homelessblacktranswomenfund.com is owned by you our donors manage by us - all donations through their will serve the cause of the HOMELESS BLACK TRANS WOMEN FUND which is to help Homeless Black Trans women in need with housing and financial assistance. 

www.homelessblacktranswomenfund.com & www.jesselopezhomelessblacktranswomenfund.com 

both  are own by our donors; and managed under our Company listed below (TAX ID  37-1911484 ).  This was made possible by the donations collected initially via Go Fund Me from the initial 16 donors. 

As such, No one else is authorize to use the name Homeless Black Trans Women Fund and the pic above isn't copyright - so anyone can use. However, its being use by Nola Simone and Jesse Pratt López  to raise funds that aren't benefiting directly the Two  Black Trans Women in the pic.  This is an exploitation of the Black Essence.  

***** THE PIC IS BEING USE ON OUR GO FUND ONLY  TO HIGHLIGHT  HOMELESS BLACK TRANS EXPLOITATION - And the ownership of the domain names  of  HOMELESS BLACK TRANS WOMEN FUND  will be given to the Trans Women in the pic when they are found.  So my team and i use of it benefits them directly since they are the owner of the HOMELESS BLACK TRANS WOMEN FUND ; and not Jesse Pratt Lopez.  


My name is C. Bene. I am a Transwoman who calls Miami home. I use my experiences as a entrepreneur and grassroots activism to help trans folks from my community use their voices to resist systems of oppression and step into their own power. You can check out my Instagram. I am working with my family to provide and expand housing to trans folks in Miami and hopefully soon in other parts of  the U.S.  Your donations will be allocated to help Homeless Trans Women on a case by case basis; and also, to acquire apartments in and around Miami to house Trans Women of Color who are homeless. Currently, the goal of this cause is to raise enough donation to lease / buy two apartments to house 8 - 10 Trans Women of color. This first step represents the roll out of the Homeless Black Trans Women Fund and as more donation comes in we will be rolling out more apartments and homes to house Trans Women of Color. So the more you donate or the little you can give will help me complete in full the first stage of this project. 


Since 2015, I began to connect with the trans community here in Miami by offering rooms in my home for trans folks through Airbnb Free of charge; and I realized the need for housing in the Trans Community is an epidemic with lots of Trans Women facing Human Rights being Violations; as landlords and others with the community discriminate, and sometimes  impose injustice on us Trans Folks.  As for myself, I have being accommodating homeless trans women in my homes long before I made this Go Fund Me ; However, the epidemic of homelessness among Black Trans Women is so huge that I alone can't finance it. As such, I need your help as the need is far greater than what I can provide personally and so I'm reaching out to the to all folks to help me  with gain enough resources to lease or buy apartments in around Miami to house the many homeless trans women in need. 

The first work done with donations receive was to register the Homeless Black Trans Women Fund for the two Trans Women in the pic and also i brought all the Homeless Black Trans Women Fund domain names .com, org, net etc.  The Homeless Black Trans Women Fund belongs to the Two Trans Women in the pic - since it belongs to me  and my donors  - we have decided to pass it over to the two girls when they're found.  

As, I have already began the journey in doing so and have provide housing for a  few Trans Women ,  I ask you all of you to consider making a donation and support my cause as I venture on into opening up more homes for trans women and expanding the model to other parts of the U.S where the need is also greatest.  

Unfortunately, since April 2020, my personal funds ran out as my business is suffering from the COVID-19 epidemic and  at a time where the need for safe housing in the trans community - the need of homeless trans folks is greatest.  Because of  such demand couple with the COVID epidemic my business and I isn't able to provide the necessary resources to create more homes for trans women out of pocket. or business profits.  

In essence, the longer term objective is to use your donations to purchase and/or lease more properties to house an additional 100 trans women in by the end of the year and I'm relying on you to help me and my team make it a reality. At the moment, my initial goal is simple to expand housing  to 10 trans women in 2 homes that I will be acquiring through leasing or buying.  and then scale from there - It all depends on how this fundraising goes. 

I have come to realize and learn that their is a harsh reality imposed on Trans Women of Color and this has made me a better human being and put my life on the path to save them all. Our strength as Trans Women of Color lies not in our struggles; it is how we survive the injustice, discrimination, reject, inequality couple with violations of our human right to live free from hate and oppression.  In the face of adversity we stand strong even when facing oppression. While undertaking this social justice work - i have met and share my experiences with them; cried with them, share their pain and suffer with them; because as a Trans woman myself, I realized this: while the rest of the world wants us not to exist, we are here, we have always been here, and we’re not going anywhere. So all of us people have to work to change humanity and campaign for better laws and policies that protects the rights and dignity of us Trans Women of Color. 


Our goal is and always will be to establish permanent housing for Trans people. However,  the need to help Trans Women of color is the greatest. As 90 percent of Black Trans Women experience housing insecurity, homelessness , discrimination and violation of their human rights.  Because of this Black Trans women are particularly more venerable and  experience chronic homelessness on a more severe scale.  To ensure that this never happens the Homeless Black Trans Women Fund Miami is dedicated to providing all wraparound services necessary to  Trans Women for them to feel safe, protected and provide housing with wellness , career and educational programs that allows Trans of Women of color to achieve their dreams in safe communities and homes. 

Please bear in mind that this cause depends on your donation to get rolling - and it's really crucial that you consider supporting it for the coming months as the girls being house will need resources to help them combat the effects of being homeless.   


Parts of your donation to Homeless Black Trans Women Fund will go directly to the Maroon Trans Women in the pic - As the ownership of Homeless Black Trans Women Fund will be transfer to them when they are ready to claim it.  Other parts of your donation will be use to provide housing for Black Trans Women here in Miami  - As said before , this is only possible through your donations and the first part of the project is to acquire 2 apartments to house 8 - 10 Trans women.  and then scale up from there.  

You don't have to donate here and you can do so via the Homeless Black Trans Women Fund website www.homelessblacktranswomenfund.com/  - and avoid the headache of Go Fund Me because our campaign on here  is constantly being attacked  by Nola Simone / Jesse Pratz Lopez and others who don't own Black Trans Women Fund trying to prevent us from spreading the truth about their #transexploitation #transhate and the disrespect shown to us Maroon Trans Women from the islands. 

Black Trans Lives Matter - Save us and Protect us.

Please connect with me on Instagram  - I normally respond in 24 hrs or less.  But at the moment I have experienced #transhate online from Nola Simone and her followers that i don't know when i be on Instagram - I am tired of being bullied, threaten , stalk and harass.  



ADDITIONAL INFO  ( if needed to verify that I am real person with a real company - Please see below and i am asking anyone that visit this Go Fund Me to not use the information to caused me as to what Nola Simone under the pretense of Jesse Pratz Lopez  has impose on me. 

BENE SOLUTIONS LLC - ( Real Company )

Contact person : C. Bene

TAX ID:  37-1911484 ( Real Tax Id link to Company )

EMAIL:  [email redacted]

If you want to make a large donation of $5,000 or more please email me for Bank Account / Routing Number.

I am afraid to post it here because I have been threatened with harm from people on Facebook working under the influence of Jesse Pratz Lopez  and Nola Simone.   .  

**** Please note that the Pic above in this cause isn't copyright - however, you should note that it has been you to exploit the essence of the two Black Trans Women; as they have benefited from it. 

However, the websitewww.homelessblacktranswomenfund.com   is own by the two Black Trans Women  and all its  other affiliate links .org , net, online, shop. Therefore you are guaranteed that your donations are going to the right place.   

No one else apart from  me and my registered company above  is authorize to use HOMELESS BLACK TRANS WOMEN FUND.


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